• eTutoring

    Multilingual virtual classroom style environment for real time coaching, where you can interact with teachers who are experts in their subject and students with the same interests as yours in the comfort of your home or office.

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  • With LEO eTutoring you will be able to Learn, Earn and Own!

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    Study with industry leading experts, from anywhere in the world and in your own time!


    Teach your favourite subject, in your preferred language and set your own schedule!

  • Convenient and time efficient
    real time coaching

    You don't have to spend time or money traveling in order to broaden your knowledge and get your questions answered. eTutoring enables real time interactive classes that you can attend from the comfort of your home or office.

About Us

Humanitas Meritus FZ LLC was founded in 2012 and is the main product provider for Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd; it is one of the key subsidiaries of LEO currently based in Dubai.The company provides on-line training, education and live seminars to students based around the world. Our wide range products serve to provide entrepreneurs with the support and skills education so successfully move along the path of LEO and the ‘Learn, Earn, Own’ objective. We have created four product categories to assist entrepreneurs; eLearning, eTutoring, Live Seminar and Technology. These products are available by all of our LEO Members on-line through our platforms individually, or as part of a package. We have made it our mission to assist people in their quest to reach their goals, through learning and teaching. We offer unique opportunities to those who look to increase their knowledge and skills in areas of interest.

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The LEO eTutoring platform has been created in order to provide our LEO Members with access to knowledge and skills that will help to achieve their full potential. Whether to become successful in business or as an entrepreneur, or to simply gain more knowledge on a specific subject, LEO believe that everyone has a right to an education that will assist them on the way to greatness. With LEO eTutoring, you will be able to provide our LEO Members with classes on subjects that you are knowledgeable on and are passionate about, set to your own schedule and in any language you choose. If you are able to provide on-line classes on subjects such as Business, Marketing, Design, Personal Development, Information Technology, Videography, Photography, Language, Health, Hobbies and more, then we want you to join the LEO eTutoring platform and help our LEO Members achieve their full potential! To find out more and to contact us, please click here.